Dependable and Professional Plumbing Services

If you’re a homeowner or commercial property owner looking for quality plumbing services in or around Hartford County, CT, then you’ve come to the right place! Our team of expert plumbers provides a full range of top-rated plumbing services for both residential and commercial customers—plus, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service that keeps our customers coming back for all of their plumbing needs.

Your property’s plumbing is an intricate system that’s designed to provide you with clean, fresh water where and when you need it, while simultaneously removing wastewater safely and hygienically. And most of the time, you don’t give any of it much thought. But when you have a leaking faucet, a clogged toilet, or a burst pipe, you suddenly realize just how much you depend on your plumbing system.

What’s so important to understand about your plumbing is that no matter how good you are at DIY, when it comes to pipes, drains, sewers, water heaters, and other plumbing elements, you should leave repairs to the professionals. Here’s why: first of all, water damage is costly—and because a lot of water damage isn’t immediately visible, it can become even costlier.

Let’s say you have a small leak in a pipe that runs from the main to your shower. Now, while you’ve been noticing a drop in water pressure and you can hear water dripping, you don’t see any leak. But it’s there, behind the walls, where it’s saturating the construction materials and causing mold and mildew to form. And once this happens, the price ticket on your small leak repair suddenly rises exponentially, because mold is one of the worst things that can happen to your property.

That’s precisely why you need to have a good plumber who’ll work with you to maintain the health of your property’s plumbing. And it’s exactly why you need the local professionals at Riley Plumbing & Heating.

Features of our Plumbing Services in Kensington, CT

We provide a full range of services, including installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement for your pipes, fixtures, gas and water lines, sump pumps and ejector pumps, kitchen and bathroom applications, backflow prevention devices, and water filtration and softening devices.

The professionals at Riley Plumbing & Heating offer a full range of services, including:

Features of our plumbing services include:

  • Itemized, transparent quotes
  • No hidden costs
  • Warrantees on parts and labor
  • Licensed, background-checked professionals
  • Expert advice
  • Fully stocked trucks
  • Annual maintenance plans for the preventative care of your property

Benefits of Choosing Riley Plumbing in Kensington, CT

When you choose us, you’re choosing a local team of passionate professionals who are dedicated to their customers. We know how valuable your property is to you, which is why we always go the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied with the end results of our plumbing services. Other benefits of choosing us include:

  • Cutting-edge plumbing technology to minimize the need for invasive plumbing work
  • Opportunities to save on various services using our online coupons
  • A plumbing partner who’ll help you maintain the health—and value—of your property

Why wait? If you’re a homeowner in Hartford County, CT looking for quality plumbing services, call Riley Plumbing & Heating and get peace of mind for all your plumbing repairs today!