Water Filtration Services

If you’re a new homeowner or commercial property owner in the Kensington, CT area, you might not be aware of the benefits of water filtration. After all, the water that comes out of the faucets in your property looks fine, right?

Unfortunately, even if the water looks clear, it can contain minerals and other contaminants that aren’t good for your health. What’s more: they can cause damage to your plumbing system and fixtures, as well as any appliances that use water. You see, while your municipal water district monitors the water supply to ensure that the levels of contaminants aren’t toxic, the truth is that even at non-toxic levels, they can have an adverse effect on human health, as well as your property. For example, hard water—which has high levels of calcium and magnesium—affects your skin, hair, nails, and according to some experts, even your cardiac health. Moreover, these minerals cause a build-up of sediment in your plumbing system and eventually damage your pipes, fixtures, and appliances.

That’s where having a whole-home water filtration device installed can help safeguard your health while at the same time keeping your property’s plumbing in good working order.

Features of our Water Filtration Services

The team of Master Plumbers here at Riley Plumbing knows all about the detrimental effects of hard and contaminated water—and that’s precisely why we’re such passionate advocates of water filtration and softening. Features of our water filtration and softening services include:

  • Objective advice about the best kind of water filtration for your home or commercial property
  • In-depth knowledge of the various filtration devices available for both residential and commercial use, including reverse osmosis, alkaline/water ionizers, and UV, infrared, and activated carbon water filtration options
  • In-depth knowledge of the softening devices available for both residential and commercial use, including magnetic, dual tank, salt-free, and salt-based softening devices
  • Demand-initiated regeneration controls
  • Warrantees on parts and labor
  • Transparent, up front pricing

Benefits of our Water Filtration and Softening Services in Kensington, CT

When you choose Riley Plumbing to install and maintain your water filtration and softening devices, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved water quality
  • Better-tasting water
  • Health benefits such as softer hair and skin, as well as stronger nails
  • Peace of mind that hard water won’t impact your or your family’s cardiac health
  • Longer life of your pipes, fixtures, and appliances because there’s no more build-up of sediment
  • Enhanced savings in the long-term
  • Increased value of your property
  • Prompt, professional service
  • Annual and bi-annual maintenance available to ensure your water filtration and softening devices always function at the best possible level
  • Top rated plumbing services

To learn more about how our water filtration and softening services can help you, contact Riley Plumbing and Heating today!