Tankless Vs. Conventional: Which Water Heater Is Best for Your Home?

Today, technological advancements and breakthroughs have attempted to make just about every facet of our lives more comfortable, more efficient, and in many cases, just plain better. This inventiveness and innovation also applies to household appliances, where much of the equipment that we have come to rely on has been vastly improved over the years and decades. However, not all appliances need to be high-tech.

Over the years, much attention has been paid to tankless water heaters and their numerous benefits, but conventional water heaters have remained a staple in homes across the country, and especially here in the Northeast, where we rely on them for their effectiveness and dependability.

As the go-to local plumbers in Hartford County, CT, Riley Plumbing & Heating wants you to have the knowledge to make an informed decision when it’s time to buy your new water heater. Let’s compare the benefits of tankless vs. conventional tanked water heaters, and explore which option might be best for your home.

Conventional Water Heaters


Affordable. Conventional, or storage tank, water heaters can have a low installation cost, especially when compared with the expense of a tankless water heater.

Easy to Maintain. Because they operate more simply than tankless heaters, conventional ones are easier to maintain, and repair costs are typically less.


Space. Since they need to have hot water stored and ready to go, conventional tanks take up more space in the home.

Lifespan. While conventional water heaters generally last 10 to 15 years, they have a shorter life span than tankless heaters.

Limited Hot Water. The size of an average storage tank is enough to support three showers in a row, meaning that if you need more hot water immediately after that, you might get a cold shower. However, a larger tank can be purchased to address this issue.

Tankless Water Heaters


Longer Life Span. In some cases, tankless water heaters can last 20 years or more.

Space. Since they’re so small, tankless water heaters can be installed in tight spaces. They can even be installed outside the home in some situations.

Plenty of Hot Water. Delivering 2-3 gallons of hot water per minute, tankless water heaters provide a steady supply of hot water.


Expensive. Tankless water heaters have a significantly higher purchase cost compared to traditional tanked heaters, costing more than double in some cases.

Difficulties With Output. Tankless water heaters can be less effective than conventional ones. If you’re simultaneously taking a shower while doing laundry, a tankless water heater may not be able to keep up with the demand.

Added Costs. If you’re replacing a conventional water heater with a tankless one, it’s typically a more complex job that will require more time and materials, resulting in a higher installation cost.

If you’re unsure about which water heater option is best for you, then speak with one of our experts. We can discuss your needs and other factors to find the perfect water heater to provide you and your family with comfort for years to come.

For more information on conventional or tankless water heaters, contact the premier plumbing company in Hartford County, CT—Riley Plumbing & Heating. Call us today at 860-225-1534!

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