Issues That Require a Furnace Repair

furnace repair and the warning signs

Everyone in the northeast is wondering when spring will show up. After blizzard Stella hit, it seems as if we’ll never see the warm sun. While the weather remains cold, one thing we know that is warm for sure is our furnace. However when it decides to not work properly, then you’ll experience a real dilemma. A simple call can fix the problem, however, when you run into furnace problems it can become extremely frustrating. Higher energy bills, zero heat, more furnace breakdowns, and poor energy efficiency are just some of the problems you’ll probably experience with your furnace. Even if we’re waiting on spring, you never know how the weather will turn, so being prepared and knowing when it is time for a furnace repair can be very beneficial.

What Does Riley Plumbing and Heating Know About Furnace Repair?

Here at Riley Plumbing and Heating, we make sure that all of your heating issues are taken care of. You’ll remain comfortable knowing that Riley is handling your furnace repair, no matter the weather outside. We know how important it is to remain prepared in the northeast, and when it comes to heating systems, our professionals know how to handle the most difficult tasks. You can trust Riley Plumbing and Heating and enjoy some piece of mind once one of your contractors come to your home and solve any sort of heating problems. Take these tips with you and understand the warning signs so you know when it is time for a furnace repair.

Common Issues That Need Furnace Repair

If you notice or find any sort of issues that relate to the ones below, call a contractor immediately and have a furnace repair scheduled to avoid any further potential damages!

Damaged Coils

The coils in your furnace are made from hundreds of small little air passages. If you find that these passages are clogged or restricted, the air flow will also be restricted, which affects the efficiency of your furnace. A furnace repair will solve this malfunction.

Clogged Air Filters

The filters that are used for your furnace should be replaced on a monthly basis. This way you can extend the life and efficiency of it. Dirty filters can reduce air flow, and your unit will work a lot hard than it should just to get warm air circulated throughout your home.

Defective Blowers

If your experiencing issues with your blower motor, the furnace will most likely turn on and off with too much frequency. When this is the case, try to oil the lubrication points on the blower motor with lightweight oil. If this solution doesn’t work, then you should call a professional who can complete the furnace repair.

Broken Fans

If it seems like the blower is turning on and then never turns off, there might be an issue with the limit control switch on the furnace fan. This requires a furnace repair as well since you will need to replace the limit control switch for the fan.

Air Flow Problems

There are two types of air flow that a furnace requires, an incoming source of air and a steady flow of air out into the home. This evenly distributes the heat, and if one of the airflows is affected in any way, the efficiency of your furnace will be impaired. Clogs or blockages should be dealt with immediately to avoid any further complications.

Air Leaks

When there are air leaks in your home, then your furnace will work a lot harder than it should. Not only will this make your furnace work so hard which hurts its life expectancy, but you will also be paying more on your energy bills. Look for any cracks around your windows and doors to ensure that the air is staying in your home.

Poor Electrical Connections

The vibrations that come with a running furnace can lead to a loose wiring over time. Eventually, one of those wires can become so loose that it creates a shortage. It may take time to find the loose wire, however replacing it will simply fix the issue. Have your furnace inspected regularly to avoid this tedious malfunction.

Thermostat Problems

Thermostats determine and control when and how much heat should be produced. Issues with this device can cause intermittent heat, no heat at all, or no fan forcing heat throughout the home.

Faulty Pilot Lights

Pilot lights that are malfunctioning need immediate furnace repair. There are generally two types of ignition systems today, intermittent pilot light and hot surface ignition. Hot surface ignition uses resistance heating that is electronically controlled to light the gas burner. An intermittent pilot light is also electronically controlled; however, it uses an electrical spark to ignite the gas pilot light, which then lights the main burners.

Understand when it is time for a furnace repair and call Riley Plumbing and Heating today!