Drain Line Cleaning Service in New Britain CT

Reliable Drain Line Cleaning in New Britain

Drain problems can cause some of the most annoying of plumbing problems in a house, and also some of the most toxic. When drains back up, they not only make your toilet, bathtubs, showers, and sinks unable to be used, the backed up water smells noxious, bringing a lot of bacteria with it.

Some customers in New Britain called us when this happened in their home. Their drains backed up through their toilets and shower drains. Our plumbers found that the main line between the septic tank and the house was clogged. We used our rooter to clear the blockage and the drains immediately cleared. Our customers were happy with how quickly their problem was solved.

Drain line blockage 101

As time passes, drain lines become clogged as wastewater flows through them. The water has particulate matter and that matter collects on rough spots on the interior of the pipe. Eventually that debris will attract other bits of gunk, hair and soap scum, ultimately creating blockage that stops the flow of wastewater into the septic tank or flow to the exterior sewer lines.

Be proactive with drain line cleaning

Line blockages can be prevented from forming by having a plumber perform a drain cleaning on a regular basis. How regularly you’ll need this is dependent upon your plumbing, but a yearly appointment should be sufficient for most houses.

Plumbers use a variety of methods to clean drains, but during maintenance calls they often use water jetting to clear out the walls of pipes. This method uses high-pressured water to clear the pipe’s interior of build-up and clogs that might be forming.

If You Need Your Drain Lines Cleaned in New Britain, Call Riley Plumbing Today

One way to save on future emergency calls and repair bills for clogged drains is to have your pipes cleaned. Plumbers can do other tasks on these yearly visits too. If you live in or near New Britain, give us a call to find out how drain line cleaning can help you keep your plumbing system healthy.