Get Your Plumbing Ready For Spring With a Camera Inspection

Spring flowers

Your plumbing is one of the most important systems working in your home. Take a minute to think about how often you use it – now consider how much of a disruption it would be if it were to suddenly stop working! During this transition from winter to spring, you should be sure that your plumbing is ready to handle it. In order to prepare your plumbing system, you may want to consider having a professional camera inspection.

What are the Benefits of Camera Inspection?

Your home’s plumbing is complicated, and so is your main sewer line. Ensuring your plumbing stays intact and functional sometimes requires professional help. A camera inspection not only detects deeper problems, it helps your plumbing overall.

  • It’s accurate. One of the benefits of a camera inspection is that it’s accurate. It allows your plumber to pinpoint the exact area of the problem. It also allows them to see deep inside your system with ease – there will be no need for construction!
  • It locates other problems. A professional camera inspection could prevent other potential problems, like finding hidden cracks and clogs before they have the opportunity to grow.
  • It can find lost valuables. Damaged plumbing isn’t the only costly loss as unfortunately precious items can be lost down the drain as well. A camera inspection, however, can find precious items such as jewelry or other valuables that could be lost somewhere in your main sewer line.
  • It helps you save money. A camera inspection spares you the trouble of breaking through your home’s walls or digging underground to access the main sewer line. The earlier you catch a plumbing problem, the better. Costly problems such as a busted pipe that can flood your home or a damaged sewer line can be prevented with a camera inspection.
  • It’s safe. Cutting into your walls and floors, or digging into your main sewer line can be dangerous. Using a camera inspection is completely non-invasive and prevents can incidents that can happen while accessing your plumbing.

Common Plumbing Problems

A majority of your plumbing is located underground. In the past, a plumber would have to physically dig or the area to access these pipes. A camera inspection eliminates the need for any construction at all! Some common cause of pipe problems are:

  • Tree root intrusion. If you’re experiencing problems with your plumbing, one common culprit is tree roots. Your main sewer line is full of running water, and since tree roots naturally seek out moisture, some of them end up breaking through the sewer line. When a tree root finds its way through a joint in the sewer line, it starts to absorb water and expand, eventually causing the line to break or collapse.
  • Old pipes. Sometimes the issue may be that your main sewer line or plumbing is old and wearing down. The older the plumbing system, the more susceptible it can be to damages, and a camera inspection can help confirm the age of your plumbing and sewer line.
  • Clogs. Some clogs are impossible to reach without professional help, and a camera inspection helps your plumber treat the clog efficiently by finding the direct source.
  • Cracked or warped pipes. Some deep clogs can be caused by a crack somewhere in the piping or a poorly aligned pipe. Without having to cut into the walls or dig out an entire section of the sewer line, a camera inspection makes it significantly easier to detect cracks, potential clogs, and leaks.