10 Frequently Asked Questions on Plumbing by New Homeowners


Plumbing is one of the most important features of your home. It’s also one of the most frequently used. Every time you take a shower, wash the dishes or throw a load of laundry in the washer, you are using your plumbing. You may or may not consider this often as a new homeowner; you’re busy turning your house into a home!

You are undoubtedly busy, but it’s very important to have your plumbing serviced regularly. Scheduled maintenance can allow your equipment to perform better and remain functioning for longer. With that in mind, it’s important to know which questions to ask a professional. Remember, now that you’re a homeowner, you’re the landlord! The following is a list of frequently asked questions that new homeowners may have about their plumbing.

Plumbing FAQ’s

1. Why does my toilet make so much noise when I flush it?

All toilets make some noise when you flush them. If it seems excessively loud, it could be because water flow to the tank is restricted when it refills. A system called the ballcock assembly is in charge of regulating the water flow back into the tank, and parts that are broken or faulty prevents it from working as it should. If this is the case, you may need to switch out the entire ballcock assembly.

2. How can I keep my pipes from freezing?

Pipes are in danger of freezing anytime the temperature dips below 32 degrees. If your home isn’t properly heated, or if there is an issue with your plumbing, extreme cold can cause the water in your pipes to freeze. Frozen water expands into ice, which can cause your pipes to burst. Before any really cold weather, be sure to drain all the outside valves. After that, you should close the interior valve leading into your home. It’s also a good idea to install a faucet insulator.

3. What is hard and soft water?

When the rain starts in the sky, it comes down as soft water. As soon as it reaches the ground, it absorbs minerals that it comes into contact with. Substances like lime, calcium, chalk, and magnesium cause water to become categorized as hard. Over time, this can build up and clog your pipes. Additional substances are often added to convert hard water to soft water. The difference in the two can be seen as well as felt. Soft water lathers better than hard and uses fewer detergents.

4. What can and can’t go down the garbage disposal?

It’s amazing what a garbage disposal can endure, but they aren’t invincible. It’s important to always have cold water running when you use the disposal. This prevents oil and residue from solidifying in the system. It may initially seem fine to throw anything down there, but you should cut up anything big. The smaller it is, the easier it will be for the disposal process. Coffee grinds should never go in, as they can build up in your pipes.

5. Why do I have frequent drainage problems?

Clogs can occur in any system, no matter the age or condition of your pipes. Though this situation is often unavoidable, multiple clogged fixtures at once can lead to more severe problems. Slow drainage can be an indication of a major clog in your system. Backups can also be a sign of a clog, or that your system needs maintenance. It’s not uncommon for tree roots to crush pipes, either. Any surplus of water can also cause backups.

6. What are those noises in my pipes?

Noises in your pipes should never be ignored, as there’s really no reason at all for this to happen. Strange sounds or rattling can indicate a blockage or a break and should be addressed immediately.

7. Why does my hot water go so quickly?

Your water tank could be too small, or multiple people in your house could be using it at the same time. The heater itself may not be working properly, causing your water to cool faster.

8. Why do water pressure and temperature change in the shower if someone else flushes the toilet?

When you shower, a large portion of the water is flowing directly to you. If someone flushes a toilet or turns a faucet on, the flow of the water is altered. Certain valves can be put in place to control the pressure and temperature in your shower, so other actions don’t affect your water flow.

9. Why does my water taste funny?

Hard water from the tap can cause a bad taste. Home filtration systems are available to remove any unpleasant taste or smell. The rotten egg odor that you may smell can be fixed with carbon filtration, and chemicals can be removed through Reverse Osmosis.

10. Why is my toilet constantly running?

When you flush your toilet, a lever causes a flap to open in your tank. When it falls back into place, the water level recedes. If the chain attached to the flapper is too long or short, it can cause your toilet to run because of an improper or incomplete flush.

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